It’s been a while…the summer brought much change – happy change- but lots of new things to adapt to, which s-l-o-w-e-d down the progress that Frilly Finds was making. 

All is well + I am extremely blessed! We, unexpectedly, were given the opportunity to move into a fixer upper and couldn’t pass up this incredible blessing!!! We are currently living in reno mode + considering my love for DIY, the process will be long + slow but so worth it! You can bet that I will be documenting + sharing our ” fixer upper” journey. 

More blessings… one of my daughters moved back to So-Cal. That means I get to love on my one + only grand baby. Thrilled is an understatement. It’s been a while, almost 13 years, since I have toted a little one around. This “mimi” is learning all over again, but definitely with a full heart! ❤ 

As for Frilly Finds, we are back in time for the Holidays!!! I am currently taking pre-orders for Holiday scented candles + melts. Visit the Products Page for all of the details. You can also find an exclusive line of FF Candles created for Assi Designs [Melange Home Collection] at Leaping Lotus in Encinitas, CA + Laurel on Grand in Escondido, CA. Last but not least my daughter + I are currently finishing some string art designs in time for Christmas. 

2017 will bring reed diffusers, an aromatherapy candle line, custom t-shirts + totes and more home decor! I am seeking out the best vendor/craft fairs to participate in and will update the event page as the details are confirmed. The Etsy shop should be up + running shortly after the new year. It is my desire, prayer + plan to grow my handmade biz to brighten your homes + hearts with light + love through Frilly Finds creations!

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! 



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