Summer is in full swing.

I am so happy & excited with the progress of Frilly Finds since its official launch a few short months ago. So much has happened, both personally & professionally & I am grateful for it all. I have been blessed to participate in multiple events, have created an amazing line of natural soy candles, determined how Frilly Finds will be giving back to the local community & beyond. I was recently able to collaborate with another business owner to create an exclusive candle line for her retail outlet, have been working hard to add to my current candle collection and will be adding some great new products for your home decor and holiday decorating. This little blurb is probably just a bit of a teaser, but I promise all of the details are coming soon! Frilly Finds is just getting started~can’t wait to see how bright the future will be!!!

I am headed out with my mini me for our annual summer trip to Texas & upon our return it will be back to school & back to business! We plan on makng the most of the rest of our summer – hope you are too;D


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