Monique's Ramblings

How Did I Get Here?

WoW! How did I get here?? 43 years young & I have 3 adult children, 2 married, the 3rd starting college next week & the baby of the family starting middle school today!! Today-is the last time I will send one of my babies to the world where our tweens become teens & a time when they just begin to know who they are, & if they haven’t already, start to question why they cant do things that everyone else is doing. Ahhh- I don’t know who’s more nervous me or her? Did I mention one of those adult children made me a grandma?? Yesterday…My grandson was born. He will officially know me as “mimi” & oh will we have many adventures together! “Mimi is the name & spoiling is the game”. OK-OK- I’m already distracted by the thought of my grandson & I haven’t even met him yet.(I’ll save that tale for another time.) Back to the question…how did I get here??? Ha- honestly I can’t specifically answer that question. Obviously life is how we get here, right? Through all of the celebrations, milestones, vacations…the everyday experiences- chores, meals, school, activities, all of the busyness & through life’s ups & downs and hopefully we get here with family and friends by our side. How did I get here??? It all happened so fast! Life happens so fast! I remember the birth of my firstborn, like it was yesterday. Now here I am with most of my babies all grown up & living their own lives & I’m a grandma. WoW! My point?? Maybe there’s not one- thats why its called Monique’s Ramblings- a place to share my often random thoughts. Maybe, just maybe, my ramblings will get you thinking about what led you to this very point in your life & I hope you find yourself cherishing every moment & experience & grateful for every person who has come & gone because everything in your life has led you to where you are right now & to who you are at this very moment! Me- I am feeling grateful for it all, for where I’ve been~where I am, who I’ve been~ who I am & who~where I am yet to be!

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